Thursday, April 9, 2009

Show #6 April 4, 2009

A salute to Barbra's the world over!

Barbra- Modernettes Teen City E.P. 12"
What It Is- The Dictators Blood Brothers
The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism-The New Pornographers Mass Romantic
Dance The Night Away- Tweezers Already!
This Life Is Killing Me-Velvet Crush Teenage Symphonies To God
Ghosts of Princes in Towers- Rich Kids DIY Teenage Kicks: UK Pop I (1976-79)
Little Lost And Innocent- Milk 'N' Cookies Milk 'N' Cookies
Can't Wait- Piper DIY Come Out And Play: American Power Pop (1975-78)
*My Mind- The Scruffs Wanna Meet The Scruffs
*Stupid Enough- Van Duren Are You Serious?
*Thirteen- Big Star #1 Record
*Drive Like A Pilot- Tommy Hoehn I Do Love The Light
You Got It (Release It)- Pearl Harbor & The Explosions Drivin' 7"45
Da-a-ance- The Lambrettas Beat Boys In The Jet Age
Don't Get Excited- Graham Parker Squeezing Out Sparks + Live Sparks
Artie J.- Bizarros Bizarros
Stop! Wait A Minute- Pezband DIY Come Out And Play: American Power Pop (1975-78)

*SacroSet: Memphis Heritage

A few days ago I was listening to the Milk 'N Cookies LP trying to decide which song to play when my son Jack came into the Rock Room and said "I'm sorry Dad, but this music is really gay." My reply was "don't say 'gay,' say 'lame' instead," to which he responded "but I mean homosexual, although it is pretty lame too." I thought about trying to explain the whole mid-70's gender bending glam rock scene, where the most mincing, fey (though straight) dudes scored tons of groupies, but I think you had to be there, so I just said "do your homework." In Jack's defense, I have to admit Milk 'N Cookies are laying it on pretty thick, which is one of the reasons I like the record.

The "SacroSet" replaces the unimaginatively titled the “Theme Set” this week. That's "SacroSet" as in “sacrosanct,” which is defined as “1 : most sacred or holy : inviolable ; 2 : treated as if holy : immune from criticism or violation.” As much as I love Power Pop, it’s really the second definition I’m going for (and never mind about all the lower back pain relief remedies that have “sacro” in their name). I can't think of a better first SacroSet than tonight's, focusing on Memphis in the 70's, which helped kick start the Power Pop movement.

Another great addition are songs from the Rhino DIY CD's which David, a guy I went to high school with, reminded me of this week. David was no more geeky than the rest of us back then but he just couldn't play it cool when talking about things he was passionate about, especially music. I once spent a 45 minute car ride hearing him rant about Husker Du's Zen Arcade - the guy talked about that record like some people talk about Star Wars or Jesus. I was in a band in college called No Idea and to this day I don't know why we didn't ask David to be our manager. Who cares he wasn't a hip Boston Rock scenester- he was a fan, a great photographer and without his car we would have missed several shows. Anyway, when I sent out the e-mail about Show #5, David was the first person who responded. All Kindsa Girls' first request is The Rich Kids' "Ghosts Of Princes in Towers-" this one's for you guy.

So, looking up the DIY discs I found that ALL NINE OF THEM are available for FREE download at (I had to get this to extract the files Check out the first link for more information on this outstanding Rhino re-issue series. Thanks David!

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