Sunday, March 22, 2009

Show #5 March 21, 2009

For Elizabeth...
November 12, 1924-March 8, 2009

Elizabeth Smiles
- The Dreamdayers All Things Come
Heart- Rockpile Seconds Of Pleasure
Do Anything You Wanna Do-Eddie & The Hotrods Life On The Line
Sound of the Rain-The Dils Made In Canada Double-7"
The First One- Gary Valentine The First One 45
Elephant Flares- Redd Kross Third Eye
Take This Heart Of Mine- The Saints Prehistoric Sounds
Days- Television Adventure
*I Don't Want Nobody(I Want You)- Boyfriends I Don't Want... 7"
*What Did I Say- Pete Holly & The Looks Baby Please Believe Me 45
*Beat Your Heart Out- The Zeros Beat Your Heart Out 7"
*You're The One- Nikki & The Corvettes Nikki & The Corvettes
Can't See- The Drones Further Temptations
If You Really Love Me..Buy Me A Shirt- The Freshies The Very Best Of
I Don't Know Why(You Love Me)- Hi-Fi's I Don't Know Why 7"

*Theme Set: Greg Shaw's Bomp! Records

As you can see from previous posts, each All Kindsa Girls show is dedicated to all girls and women who share a certain name. Tonight's show, however, is dedicated to one specific woman, my mother in law Elizabeth Jean Palmer Weiser who died earlier this month. Betty, you are missed.

Since VH-1 has co-opted the phrase "Behind The Music" to define the rags to riches to rehab shame spiral of the pop stars we routinely gulp, swirl and spit out, it doesn't seem appropriate when talking about someone like Bomp! magazine/records founder Greg Shaw. Furthermore, the combination of the words "music" and "industry" gives any true rock & roll fan the shivers. That said, Greg Shaw built a vital small business as the man behind so many great Power Pop, punk and garage rock records over the years. Read about him here

In the late 70's and early 80's, Bomp! was one of the few labels that I'd consider shelling out hard-earned paper route wages for without knowing anything about the band. The DMZ EP they put out in 1977 was the first or second Boston Rock 7" I ever bought. Bomp! also kept things in print for a long time. Even today, many independent labels do these blink and you missed it releases that, while they may generate hype, keep a lot of people from hearing the music and in the end probably benefit e-Bay more than anyone else. During Power Pop's 15 minutes of fame in the late 70's/early 80's, a lot of independent labels like 415 and Slash signed deals with major labels that ultimately lead to their demise. Bomp! never drank the corporate kool-aid and is about to celebrate its 35th birthday which is why it is in the All Kindsa Girls Hall of Fame.

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