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Show #177 April 16, 2022

For Little Misses, prissy, impossible, understood and otherwise...
Little Miss Prissy- Stray Cats Little Miss Prissy
Every Way I Can- Raspberries Fresh Raspberries 
My Imaginary Friend- Hoodoo Gurus Chariot Of The Gods 
Kidnapped- Sidewalk Driver My Face 
Miss Wonderful- The Saints The Monkey Puzzle 
Follow My Shadow- Urge Overkill Oui 
You Think You're The Best- The Nuns The Nuns 
I Thought You Were A Man- The Explosives Restless Natives
^Little Miss Sunshine- Tommy Roe Little Miss Sunshine 
Scenario- Dramarama Cinéma Vérité
Meet Me on the Roof- Green Day Father of All Motherfuckers 
Hot Mom- Teen Machine After School Special 
King of the School- Tsar King of the School EP 
No Force- Red Planet We Know How it Goes 
What Can I Do- Big Kid All Kidding Aside 
*Little Miss Impossible- The Dollyrots Down the Rabbit Hole 
*Little Miss Lonelyheart- The Mod Frames Still Smiling Today
*Little Miss Crazy- The Lazys Tropical Hazards 
*Little Miss Understood- Duncan Reid & The Big Heads Don't Blame Yourself 
*Little Miss Pinpoint Eyes- Menswear Nuisance 
*Little Miss Disaster- The Damned So, Who's Paranoid? 
In Quintessence- Squeeze East Side Story 
Not Gonna Be Easy- Adam Roth and His Band Of Men Down On The Shore (Original Soundtrack)
Skintite- Peter Dayton Band Love at 1st Sight 
>Little Miss Queen Of Darkness- The Kinks Face To Face 
Little Miss High School Queen- Andy Platts Skool's Out 
The End of the Game- Weezer Van Weezer 
Little Miss Intent- Piper Can't Wait
^Power Pop Peak:  #99 Billboard Hot 100 6/10/67
*SacroSet(s):  "Little Miss___" Songs
>Power Pop Prototype:  1966
So I've gotten a little OCD with my radio show lately.  Like a lot of things it's only gotten worse since COVID.  I'll innocently choose a theme for the show like tonight's "Little Miss___" songs, usually starting with a song or two.  In this case, I heard The Dollyrots "Little Miss Impossible" from their recent collection of b-sides, rarities and covers Down The Rabbit Hole.  Turns out that the song is originally by Long Island pop punk band Patent Pending, though sorry PP, I prefer the DRs version.
Anyway, a quick search of my iTunes library showed I already had "Little Miss Lonleyheart," "Little Miss Disaster," and "Little Miss Intent."  That's 4 songs total- not a bad start.  Next stop is my now thoroughly battered 1991-era copy of Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Singles for a line on a "Little Miss___" Power Pop Peak.  (As a reminder, the Power Pop Peak each ALL KINDSA GIRLS is a charting song, I try to play one "hit" every show, though as you'll see, my definition of "hit" is decidedly, uh, loose.)  
Now, I know what you're thinking- "Rick, you must already have thought of 1991's 'Little Miss Can't Be Wrong for the PPPeak?!?  C'mon it's SO obvious!"  You are correct of course but I had already excluded this song from consideration.  I had a visceral negative reaction to the Spin Doctors when they first came on the scene in the early 90's.  "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" isn't that bad of a song and God knows I've played worse because they fit the theme of a show (see my aforementioned OCD issue).  I now realize that the bile filling my mouth at the thought of the Spin Doctors has little to with their music and EVERYTHING to do with.... (urp)... (give me a moment)... their BEARDS!  

To be fair, I now see that only 50% of the group was bearded but in my defense you've got to admit those whispy hippie beards are a crime against humanity that we all collectively endure to this day (shudder).

So, no Spin Doctors.  Whitburn did point me to Tommy Roe's
"Little Miss Sunshine" however, which made it all the way up to the lofty height of #99 on the Billboard Hot 100 on June 10, 1967 and stayed their for a staggering 1 week.  (I believe I mentioned my tendency to stretch the definition of "hit"...)
Then I was off to iTunes, Songfacts, Wikipedia (some one should definitely write a song called "Little Miss Disambiguation") and the lyrics sites- here's where I start getting obsessive.  My reasoning is "I'll NEVER do another (fill in the blank) theme show again, so I have to get EVERY song that fits!"  Truth be told, I always later find songs I missed that fit and it is infuriating (where the hell was "Who's Hieronymus Bosch" by The Deadbeat Poets when I was doing Show #105 or Moon Martin's "Bad Case of Loving You" for Show #146?!?)
While my song searching can become an all-consuming black hole, you can't argue with the results.  As I own the single, I can't believe I almost forgot Stray Cats' awesome "Little Miss Prissy." And "Little Miss Queen of Darkess" by The Kinks- what a perfect Power Pop Prototype (this feature highlights the genre's forbears).  The Lazy's are a hard rocking Sydney, Australia band who moved to Toronto- unlike us, our neighbors to the north still seem to appreciate rock & roll.  I was so taken with their "Little Miss Crazy" I actually ponied up $1.29 to play it for you people- that's how dedicated/obsessed I am!  
I bought a second song as well (I know!):  "Little Miss High
School Queen" by Andy Platts.  I'd never heard of him or any of the other artists on the album Skool's Out Teenage Rebellion.  After some digging (this is the type of Internet rabbit hole I often find myself down) I learned it is a compilation of "library music" (aka "production" or "stock music")- songs created for use in commercials, films, TV shows, etc.  Each song on
Skool's Out has a description to help the marketing execs and some are pretty funny:
  • "Bad Girl" edgy pop for girls with attitude;
  • "Five Ways" super cool pop funk fusion, male vocal;
  • "Angel's Lullaby" thoughtful acoustic love-ballad, female vocal;
  • "Wave Your Hands" dirty underground UK garage, nude boy MC;
  • "Falling Down" heartfelt indie roller coaster, male vocal;
  • "Under The Stairs" spooky 2-step bubbler;
and tonight's selection
  • "Little Miss High School Queen"  teenage skater pop-rock.
Now I have questions.  First, what is "nude boy MC?"  (Don't Google it- I did and results are what you'd expect.  Unless you want to Google it, then have at it.)  According to Wikipedia, library music has been around since 1927 with the advent of sound in film but wasn't made available to general public until the 1990's when the companies started dumping their LP catalogs and collectors started picking them up.  Some famous examples of library music are the themes from Monday Night Football ("Heavy Action" by Johnny Pearson) and The People's Court ("The Big One" by Alan Tew).  This music is 1oo% owned by the production company so it is much cheaper to use than traditional copyrighted music.  For the same reason, Hip Hop producers have often sampled library music, which has shown up in songs by artists like Jay-Z, Beyonce and A$AP Rocky.
Skool's Out came out in 2004 and "Little Miss High School Queen" is a perfect example of mid-aughts pop punk, you could easily hear it as the theme of a TV show on The WB about a teen girl who solves crimes and is also a werewolf.  British composer Andy Platts has a soul/pop band called Mama's Gun who have released 6 albums since 2009- I'd like to think "Little Miss High School Queen" financed their early demos.
And we're back...  So, did I have to include "Little Miss Pinpoint Eyes" tonight?  And, is The Damned's "Little Miss Disaster" 2 minutes too long?  The answers are "No" and "Yes," but that's where my theme obsessions take me.  Sometimes I think it would be better to just play Big Star or Cheap Trick again (I did get to Raspberries and Weezer tonight, so I'm not completely neglecting Power Pop royalty).  On the other hand, the "Little Miss___" theme brought me a HUGE find this week:  "Little Miss Understood" by Duncan Reid and The Big Heads.  Duncan "Kid" Reid was an original member of legendary late 70's British rock & roll band The Boys.  For largely snotty, likely pretentious reasons I've steered clear of the UK punk bands that have regrouped over the years (with the notable exception of Buzzcocks).  That said, I've been hearing Duncan Reid give the top of the hour ID on my favorite radio show, Gorilla Got Me on WMBR in Cambridge, Mass.  (It's hosted by Sara J and her knowledge of 70's glam and punk is unmatched.)  
Duncan Reid & The Big Heads

When "Little Miss Understood" showed up in an iTunes search I clicked but then, rather than plunk down another $1.29, I went over the Duncan Reid Bandcamp page and splurged on his 3rd and 4th albums.  They are OUTSTANDING!  Super catchy guitar-based rock and roll songs with great vocals and smart lyrics.  I've been listening to Bombs Away and Don't Blame Yourself nearly non-stop for the past week.  And how's this for cool, Duncan himself filled my order and sent a note on the back of a set list!

It's great seeing Boys songs like "Soda Pressing," "Brickfield Nights," "First Time" and "Terminal Love" on the set list but for me the songs I'd most like to hear live right now are Big Head originals like "Your Future Ex Wife," "Let's Skip To The Good Bit" and "C'Mon Josephine" (how could I have missed this last one for Show #170 c'mon!).

Curious that on the set list there are no asterisks in "Motherf-er," yet for the M.O.T.O. cover they list it as "Hate My F***ing Job."  Just me that's curious?  (sorry, I can't help it)
In any case, now you know (no doubt more than you wanted to) what goes into every episode of ALL KINDSA GIRLS.  All I can say is thanks for being here- I'm glad we're in this together!
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Dedicated to Caterina and to Angelo and Power Pop Criminals for all the great music over the years...
Caterina's Christmas- The Summer Suns The Last Christmas (Back To Mono) 2021 
Christmas Is Cancelled (This Year)- Farrah A Christmas Blog Gift For You 2006 
Come On Christmas- Cheap Trick A Christmas Blog Gift For You 2006 
Super Sunny Christmas- Redd Kross Another Christmas Blog Gift For You 2007 
Santa Claus- Chris Von Sneidern Dreamland With The Pop Snowflakes 2008 
Christmas (I Remember)- The Smithereens Dreamland With The Pop Snowflakes 2008 
I Guess It's Christmas- The Wellingtons Santa Claus & The Power Pop Criminals 2009 
X-Mas- Epicycle Santa Claus & The Power Pop Criminals 2009 
Power Pop Santa- Pointed Sticks The Magnificent Seven Snowmen 2010 
My Girlfriend (Forgot Me This Christmas)- The Click Five The Magnificent Seven Snowmen 2010
Waiting For Christmas- Adventures Of Jet Sleigh Bells In The Snow 2011 
Joy Is In The Giving- Lisa Mychols The Final Christmas 2012 
Christmastime in Painesville- The Deadbeat Poets The Final Christmas 2012 
California Christmas- Sketch Middle Tic Tac Mistletoe 2013 
(There's No War On Christmas) When Christmas Is In Your Heart- The Mockers Tic Tac Mistletoe 2013
Christmas Bells Are Ringing- The Connection Mas Christmas! 2014 
A Very Sorry Christmas- The New Mendicants Mas Christmas! 2014 
Do You Want To Build A Snowman- The Genuine Fakes 21st Century Santa (Christmas Special) 2015
I Must Have Been So Good- Vibeke Saugestad 21st Century Santa (Christmas Special) 2015 
Kids Come Back Again At Christmas- Sloan So Long Christmas 2016 
Wonderful Christmas- The Click Beetles So Long Christmas 2016 
December Snow- Tommy And The Rockets Very Merry Christmas 2017 
All I Want Is You for Christmas- Kimberley Rew Sad Christmas 2018 
The Christmas Fit- The Charlie Watts Riots White Christmas 2019 
Footprints In The Snow- Girlfriend Material White Christmas 2019 
Teenage Christmas- Jacobites Christmas Rockdown 2020 
Best Christmas Ever- Ronnie Spector Christmas Rockdown 2020 
Christmas Morning (Yellow Canary)- The Successful Failures The Last Christmas (Back To Mono) 2021 
Xmas Time Of The Year- Green Day The Last Christmas (Back To Mono) 2021 
I Want An Alien For Christmas- Fountains Of Wayne A Christmas Blog Gift For You 2006 
Merry Christmas Will Do- Material Issue A Christmas Blog Gift For You 2006 
Peace On You-Three Hour Tour Dreamland With The Pop Snowflakes 2008

16 years!  429 Power Pop Christmas songs!  22 hours and 32 minutes of Power Pop Christmas music!  This is just one facet of the legacy, the amazing gift that Angelo and his Power Pop Criminals blog have given all of us over the years.  Back in November Angelo posted that he had lost hearing in his right
ear- a diagnosis that strikes terror in the heart of any music fan, myself included (and likely you as well if you are reading this).  Yet, with just his left ear Angelo finished a multiple post rundown of David Bash (of IPO fame) year-end best of lists and, sense of humor intact, concluded with The Last Christmas (Back To MONO).  Imagine going to see every hearing specialist you can find during the day and at night putting your remaining hearing at risk to post these final compilations (all with original artwork) for us to enjoy.   It's a staggering level of commitment that is truly inspiring.  
I wasn't planning on doing a Christmas show this year, but when I saw Angelo's post I immedi- ately started putting tonight's episode together.  Every song in this ALL KINDSA GIRLS CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR was included on one of the PPC Christmas compilations.  I take them in order, starting with 2006's A Christmas Blog Gift For You, which originally appeared on the Power Pop Lover's blog, all the way through this year's Back To MONO.  And remember, tonight's show only covers the Christmas music on PPC. Angelo has put out dozens of Summer music, Tribute, Beatles Cover, Glam and more compilations along with 100's of posts featuring out of print Power Pop records, many unavailable without paying huge prices on ebay or Discogs.  It is an astounding legacy that has created and nurtured Power Pop fans around the world.

While it's my main source for music these days, I was late to the music downloading party.  A lifelong vinyl record buyer, I was tentative about CD's, especially as they first came out at a list price of $17.99.  Supposedly this was due to a lack of CD pressing plants in the US and prices would drop as soon as we got our plants up and running.  One should never underestimate the greed and short-sightedness of the record companies however, so of course prices remained unreasonably high even when we started making CDs in America. As new releases were no longer coming out on vinyl, I was forced to embrace the cold, pristine sound and scrunched up artwork of CDs but this embrace was half-hearted at best.  
On the other side of the spectrum was music file sharing- yes the songs didn't sound as good as vinyl but they were FREE.  Within a week of my friend Frank telling me about the site in late 1999 I was pigging out at the Napster trough.  I wasn't keen on people being able to download songs from my work computer- I never uploaded anything myself- but it was a small price to pay for free music.  Especially music you couldn't get anywhere else like rarities, demos, unreleased live recordings etc.  The problem was that I was lazy about things like tagging and album artwork so my iTunes library was a total mess (I'm a PC guy and had first tried using Windows Media Player but boy was it clunky!)
History of iTunes
For me the cost of an Internet song download had already been established when Apple launched the iTunes store in the mid-2000's.  While .99 cents a pop may have been a deal for some, it was a significant increase from the $0 for unlimited music I had been paying with Napster.  Plus, if CD packaging seemed like short shrift, the idea of paying for something devoid of any tangible material was never going to fly.
Once Napster was litigated out of existence (thanks a lot Metallica!) digital music dried up for me until I found the Little Hits blog in 2005.  Created by a Boston guy named Jon Harrison, Little Hits was the first .mp3 blog I discovered.  Almost every day Jon would post a new song (usually from an obscure 7" single), give you some background on the artist and, here's the important part, advocate for the song's greatness, usually by sharing how it affected him personally.  The blog leaned a little too indie rock for me, but I discovered many great bands there that I never would have heard of otherwise.  Little Hits ended in 2009 when a band told Jon that their song had been pirated by an unscrupulous ringtone (remember those?) company from a song downloaded on the site.  Virtually every .mp3 blog has some kind of message on the home page saying the music is for "sampling purposes only" but once uploaded, they no longer have any control over how it is used.

After Little Hits, the next .mp3 blog I found was Killed By Death Records.  Run by a Swedish guy named Peter, the blog started out like Little Hits, only sharing one or two songs from a particular release.  Within a year or so, however, you could find all the songs on a record plus (and this blew my mind) high resolution scans of the front and back of the record as well as the record labels and any inserts.  For the first time in my life, I had in my possession records worth hundreds of dollars on ebay!  Not just a random Napster rip from a sketchy comp CD but a recording of the actual vinyl made by someone who knew what they were doing and with all the printed materials included.  Technically I could have made my own vinyl copy from these downloaded materials.  
(Two quick notes about the .mp3:
  • Sound quality:  Yes, even at 320kps an .mp3 does not sound anywhere near as good as a CD, let alone vinyl, but I believe I may already have mentioned- THIS WAS ALL FREE MUSIC!  I have several friends who revile the .mp3 format based on high-minded sonic principles but as someone who first fell in love with music listening on a crappy transistor radio and grew up spending WAY more money on records than on stereo equipment I'm willing to except the trade-off.
  • Artist royalty:  Yes, artists do not receive any compensation for the songs I downloaded from .mp3 blogs.  I often did end up buying records by bands after hearing their downloads first, however, and I am providing some promotional support by blogging about the bands and playing them on my radio show.  Whenever asked, artists have always been willing to send me downloads to play.  Are these bullsh*t rationalizations on my part?  Perhaps, but they have worked for me so far.)
After Killed By Death Records I found other .mp3 blogs like Good bad Music for bad bad Times!, Last Days of Man on Earth and Something I Learned Today.  Like KBDR, these blogs offered individual downloads of singles or, less frequently, full albums, usually with artwork included.  Downloading a full album took some time as you needed to grab songs one at a time and often had to edit their ID3 tags (which include name, artist, album title, year, genre, etc.).  After making a huge, unorganized, unsearchable mess with my Napster downloads, I vowed that I would keep my iTunes library tight with all information and album covers in place for every song.

The next game changing music blog I found was PVAc to 44.1 khz (the title references the conversion to a common audio sampling frequency).  I noticed right off that this site did not offer individual audio files for download but zipped .rar files from a file hosting service (I think it was Rapid Share).  I was wary at first but after checking with CNET I learned that .rar files are simply zipped files that can be opened with WinRAR software.  Once I got the software (for free from CNET's the vast cornucopia of PVAc to 44.1 offerings
were available to me.  And get this, not only did Blog Kihn offer full albums with artwork in a single download from the site, in some cases he included a scan of every single page in the CD booklet!  Case in point, I downloaded every CD in Rhino Records' exceptional DIY series and got the music, the front/back covers, every page in the booklet and even the CD tray inlay- now that's a full-0n 360 degree download.  
Many of the original file hosting services like RapidShare, Megaupload and Sharebeast were either too greedy or too blatantly illegal and shut down, yet several still remain and the .mp3 blog community continues to thrive.  One of the great things about this community is that each blog includes a list of other recommended sites.  From PVAc to 44.1 kHz I discovered Power Pop Criminals, Power Pop Overdose, Willfully Obscure, Sons of the Dolls, Ratboy '69... and from those blogs I discovered others like Shotgun Solution, My Life's a Jigsaw, Short Sharp Kick In The Teeth and the list goes on.  For a while there I was like a famished 5 year old gorging myself on an all you can eat musical buffet- it took many months to actually listen to everything I downloaded in the early days.  It has reached a more manageable level in the last few years though my wife might take issue with this statement.  Power Pop Criminals will be greatly missed and here's hoping for a speedy recovery to Angelo's hearing loss.  In the meantime, I will continue to surf .mp3 blogs, picking up obscure records I've never heard of and playing them for you on ALL KINDSA GIRLS!

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Show #175 The Return of ALL KINDSA GIRLS October 9, 2021

The Return of ALL KINDSA GIRLS is dedicated to Amy!
Amy- The Stanleys The Stanleys 
Hello There- Cheap Trick Out To Get You! Live 1977 
For Those About To Pop- The Yum Yums For Those About To Pop 
Earth Girls Are Easy- Silver Sun Switzerland 
Alphabetland- X ALPHABETLAND 
Upper Hand- Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men Downtime 
New Direction- Kurt Baker After Party 
In A Town This Size- Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis Your Face Is Weird 
^The Unguarded Moment- The Church s/t
Father of All...- Green Day Father of All Motherf***kers 
Hey DJ- Paul Collins Beat Another World (The Best of the Archives) 
Forget About It- Classic Ruins Forget About It 
Everything's Good (Quarantine Sessions)- Sidewalk Driver s/t
Kiss My Tattoo- Jerry Lehane Jerry Lehane 
*The Nips Are Getting Bigger- Mental As Anything s/t
*Beautiful People- Australian Crawl s/t
*State of the Heart- Mondo Rock s/t
*Don't Throw Stones- The Sports s/t
*O Yeah- End of Fashion s/t
*Hoping For- Bad // Dreems s/t
*Rolling On- The Murlocs s/t
Sheila Can Do It- Weezer Van Weezer 
Best Of Me- Matthew Sweet Catspaw 
No One to Blame- Radio Days Rave On! 
>The Loved One- The Loved Ones s/t
>Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands- The Delltones s/t
We Stand United- Tuns Duly Noted 
Egocentric- Death By Unga Bunga Heavy Male Insecurity 
Tupelo- Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds s/t
Power Pop Peak:  #22 Australian Kent Report March 1981
SacroSets:  Songs from Mr. Inbetween
Power Pop Prototype(s):  1966, 1962
Like a lot of you no doubt, I got through the shelter in place phase of the pandemic by binging movies, TV shows, books, podcasts- anything to keep me from doom scrolling on my phone about the wretched state of the world.  I've always kept track of the movies I want to see but I took it to another level in the pandemic- entering them all into a spread sheet (there were 500+ at the time) so I could keep track of what I watched and check it off the list.  I became obsessed with watching something from the list every night of the week.  I did the same with TV shows- my wife and I got into the habit of watching a 30 minute episode of something during dinner each night.  We LOVED Teenage Bounty Hunters on Netflix- the story of sisters living in a rich suburb of Atlanta who go to an elite private religious school and get drawn into the bounty hunter business.  It's hilarious and the fact that it did not blow up like Stranger Things or Squid Game is further testament to how out of sync I am with the viewing public.  I thought this show was going to be HUGE- 94% on rottentomatoes- and it didn't even get picked up for a second season!
There was considerably more love for another pandemic favorite of ours- The Great on Hulu a comedy about Peter The Great of Russia and his marriage to Catherine (the not yet great).  Nicholas Hoult's Peter is a sheltered innocent child or a petty murderous sociopath often simultaneously, and Elle Fanning's Catherine is never less than brilliant.  This show, I'm happy to say, was renewed for a second season that starts this month.

I loved the first two seasons of Brockmire, a black comedy about a drug/sex/booze addicted baseball announcer sinking into the depths of depravity.  He manages to get sober at the end of Season 2 and while I had no idea how a sober Brockmire would play, Season 3 was great.  That said, I was in no way prepared for Season 4 which features a time jump to 2034 into an absolutely hilarious tech-riven dystopian hellscape where climate collapse and an AI named
Limón (think aggro-Siri) are destroying the world.  Who would've thought Brockmire would end with biting, incisive and hysterically funny social satire about the state of our world yet that's exactly what they did.  Jim Brockmire's personal growth and relationship with his new found daughter was also deeply moving- another testament to what may be the defining role in Hank Azaria's illustrious career.
For drama, no show slayed my wife and I more than Normal People on Hulu- one of the most intimate viewing experiences I've ever had.  This story of a long term relationship between a man and woman was exquisitely painful to watch at times.  Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal take Marianne and Connell from high school into adulthood and as the fortunes of each shift over the years it is fascinating to see how this plays out in their relationship.  A lovely, brutal and devastating show.
While I love the four shows above, my #1 pandemic TV show and what will likely become an all-time favorite is Mr. Inbetween.  The story of Ray Shoesmith: divorced father, brother/ caretaker, boyfriend, security consultant/ hitman.  If that seems like a lot, it is- and that's the whole point of the show.  Never in my life have I seen a show that so deftly balances drama, action and comedy, often in the same scene.  The 30 minute run time makes episodes fly by yet they never seem rushed.  Creator/writer/star Scott Ryan is so dialed in on Ray Shoesmith that it's thrilling to watch, whether he's debating James Bonds with best friend Gary (the hilarious Justin Rosniak), parenting his daughter Brittany (played by the spot on Chika Yasumura) or killing dudes (most of whom deserve it).
Scott Ryan as Ray Shoesmith

While the above were my Top 5 shows of the pandemic, there was A LOT of time for TV viewing during those months so here are some other 2020 favorites, each with their accompanying Tweet :
I enjoyed Better Things S1 & 2 but Pamela Adlon takes it to whole other level in S3- it is an amazing show! What I think of as her "catch phrase" has morphed from "Oof!" to "Unhhhhhhhhh...."

If you're one of those people (like me) who sometimes wonder how fictional characters' lives turned out then Cobra Kai will be your jam. More than just nostalgia, its a show about how our middle age years are largely guided by our adolescent choices.

Lame title aside, Feel Good is a show like Fleabag or Catastrophe where you’re laughing one minute and getting your heart ripped out the next.... I dig shows like that!

I loved Veep and In The Loop so it was great to see their DNA in Armando Iannucci's The Thick of It which is absolutely brutal, hilarious fun. With actor Peter Capaldi's Malcom Tucker, Iannucci has created a TV character for the ages!

While not as upbeat and fun as The Good Place, Upload’s take on the corporate monetization of our afterlife seems scarily plausible...
If you don't think overcoming grief, cultural dysphoria and the horrors of 10th grade make for a charming, funny TV show then Never Have I Ever will prove you wrong. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is a star!
The Plot Against America is gripping television- based on the brilliant Philip Roth novel, it makes the political personal. I'm glad I didn't watch it before the election- with so much at stake it would've killed me!

Really enjoyed Mystery Road Series 1. Interesting story, solid acting and some breathtaking photography. Now I'm going back to watch the movie...

I May Destroy You is raw, brutally honest and tough to watch at times yet such a specific, singular vision I couldn't look away. I'll be very curious to see what Michaela Coel does next.

I had avoided Homecoming Season 1 thinking it would be harrowing stories of PTSD, yet it's actually a mystery/conspiracy thriller that had me on the edge of my seat. What a cool show!

Based on the life of Anne Lister, a true icon beautifully portrayed by Suranne Jones.

Series 5 was fantastic! Just when you thought you knew who was going to "break bad,"  though I must say I'm a little terrified for her
Really enjoyed The Queen’s Gambit. Anya Taylor-Joy is incredible and the period settings/costumes/production design are just beautiful
I was wondering if The Wilds would fulfill the promise of its early episodes, but I'm happy to say that Season 1 is great to the end. The hard part will be waiting for Season 2...


For me, Patricia Arquette owned the limited series format in 2020- she was fantastic in Escape at Dannemora and supremely creepy in The Act.

If you watch only one Korean wuxia/plague mashup this shelter in place, I’d go with Kingdom. It’s got political intrigue, swordplay and zombies galore- like Game of Thrones without the rape and incest...

I'm neither DC nor Marvel (still holding out for a standalone Ruffalo Hulk movie) but that would change if superhero stories were more like The Boys- Season 1 was DIABOLICAL, and Season 2 is even MORE over the top!

Do I watch too much TV?  Probably, but it was a freaking pandemic (at least that's my excuse).  Thanks to all the creators behind these shows- you helped make a difficult situation a little more bearable.
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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Show #174 2019 YEAR-END DEDICATION SPECIAL January 25, 2020


All Kindsa Girls- The Real Kids Real Kids
This One's Gonna Be Hot- Geoff Palmer Pulling Out All the Stops 
C'mon Linda- The Genuine Fakes The Striped Album 
Guess You Had To Be There- Richard X. Heyman Pop Circles 
Mamacita- Ryan Hamilton And The Harlequin Ghosts This Is The Sound 
Gerri G- The Go Instant Reaction 
Mumble Psychotic Youth 21 
That's For Me- The Muffs No Holiday 
You Jane- The Donkeys No Way 45 
Do You Remember- The Rubinoos From Home 
Animal- The Dollyrots Daydream Explosion 
Tough Enough- Ex Hex It's Real 
Broken Clocks- Brad Marino Extra Credit 
Denver Haircut- The Hold Steady Thrashing Thru The Passion 
*The Tide- Nervous Eaters Record 10 
*Mint Condition- Pernice Brothers Spread The Feeling 
*Dancing with Her Friends- Sidewalk Driver For All the Boys and Girls 
*The Party- Redd Kross Beyond the Door 
*Number 10- Giuda Racey Roller 
Summer Elaine And Drunk Dori- Weezer Weezer (White Album)
You'll Need A New Backseat Driver- The New Pornographers In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights 
Cloud Ate- Bracket Too Old to Die Young 
Half Life- The Neighborhoods Last Known Address
She's The One- The Dogmatics She's The One 
Let's Give Love Another Try- Freeloader Freeloader 
Sunshine Rock- Bob Mould Sunshine Rock 
Sunshine After Rain- Nick Frater Full Fathom Freight Train 
Running- Lannie Flowers Home 
Emerge- Chris Von Sneidern Emerge 
52 Girls- The B-52's The B-52's

SacroSet:  Top 5 Records of 2019 
John Lydon once sang "anger is an energy."  In America it seems like anger is an industry these days and business is booming!  This year we should all take a tip from Otis Redding and "Try A Little Tenderness."  I'm happy to report that life here in Sonoma for The Loves is good.  The kids are living (together!?!) in Fairfield while Jaime and I are both working from home.  We just finished a record-breaking run of A Christmas Story, The Musical where I had the honor of playing The Old Man, which was awesome!  In 2019 ALL KINDSA GIRLS celebrated 10 years of Power Pop on 91.3 KSVY and is still going strong.  In these polarizing times I'm especially thankful for the movies, TV shows, plays/musicals, records and books I saw, listened to and read.  In a tradition that dates back to 1999, I humbly submit my 2019 Top 5's:

The Last Black Man In San Francisco (Jimmie Fails? I think not)  
Fighting With My Family (Florence Pugh owned 2019!) Booksmart (WWBFFD)  
Rocketman (party time in the Tower of Babel)  
Parasite (how we are now)

A Vigilante (righteous fury)  
Columbus (dancing about architecture)  
Capernaum (suffer the children)  
The Hate U Give (Starr story)  
Support The Girls (we all need a Lisa)

Nervous Eaters- Record 10 (Boston Rock still rules!)  
Pernice Brothers- Spread The Feeling (Power Pop perfection)
Sidewalk Driver- For All The Boys and Girls (Boston Glam Kings!)  
Redd Kross- Beyond The Door (McDonald bros still rockin')  
Giuda- Racey Roller (Roman stompers)

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Boys, Boys, Boys. Music, Music, Music.- Viv Albertine (not in that order)  
There There- Tommy Orange (the crushing weight of history)
Super Sad True Love Story- Gary Shteyngart (Deny and Imply)  
Cherry- Nico Walker (how we got here)  
Moonglow- Michael Chabon  (rocket ride)

Lodge 49 (unlike any show I've ever seen)  
Fleabag / Undone (listen to the woman)  
Unbelievable (Dever + Wever + Collete= incredible)  
Fosse/Verdon (as artists- genius; as people- meh)  
Watchmen (you can't heal under a mask)

The Who and The What Marin Theater Company 3/6/19 Spring Awakening Marin Musical Theater Company 3/8/19 Rapture, Blister, Burn Lucky Penny Theater Company 5/9/19 Once 42nd Street Moon 6/19/19  
Eureka Day Spreckels Theater Company 8/30/19 
(I did not consider our Sonoma Arts Live shows though one or two easily could have made the list.)
Several of the selections above did not come out in 2019 but that's when I got around to them.  If you’re curious about past lists, they are all compiled on the Rick’s Top 5 Lists blog.  Please send your own best of 2019 lists- I've a feeling during this election year I'm going to need the distraction/immersion of quality viewing/listening/reading material more than ever.  And your selections might even show up on next year's list!  Wishing you all the best in 2020!

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