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Show #153 September 17, 2016

Time for...  Angelica!
Angelica- The Favourites Angelica 
Time- Richard Hell and The Voidoids Neon Boys/Richard Hell EP
Without Love- Descendents Hypercaffium Spazzinate 
Questions Questions- The Heats Have An Idea 
How We Gonna Do It?- The Scruffs Teenage Gurls 
Live In The Moment- Teenage Fanclub Here 
In Society- The Reactions Saturday's Gone Wild 
I Want A Girlfriend- The Miamis We Deliver: The Lost Band Of The CBGB Era (1974-1979) 
^5:15- The Who Quadrophenia 
Quiet Quiet Quiet- Dipsomaniacs The Life You're Faking 
She's Not Like All the Other Girls- Any Trouble Present Tense 
Never Be It- Cotton Mather Death Of The Cool 
Outerspace- The Krinkles 3 - The Mordorlorff Collection 
Parachute- The Greenberry Woods Big Money Item 
*5:45- The Deal Goodbye September 
*7:30- Pernice Brothers The World Won't End 
*11:59- Blondie Parallel Lines 
*12:51- The Strokes Room On Fire 
*2:29- Cherry Poppin' Daddies Skaboy JFK 
10:15 Saturday Night- The Cure Staring At The Sea: The Singles 
She's Trying To Poison Me- Brendan Benson You Were Right 
Titanic (My Over) Reaction- 999 999 
Get It Right First Time- The Jeremy Band Hit You With A Flower 
Give It Up- DM3 West Of Anywhere 
What I Did Today- Chris Von Sneidern 2-Cute 2-Be 4-Gotten 
>8:15- The Guess Who American Woman 
Is It Real- Ways Teen Line no. 5
Fall in Deep- Doug Powell More 
Hot Thing- Big Star Big Star Small World 
11:11- Rufus Wainwright Want One 

^Power Pop Peak:  #45 Billboard Hot 100 9/29/79

*SacroSet:  TimeSongs

>Power Pop Prototype:  1970

My Car
Fun show this week and it came out of a truly terrible day.  I love my car.  Back in the late 80's Phil, my boss at WMJX in Boston, gave me a ride in his Chrysler LeBaron convertible and I vowed that I would own a ragtop of my own one day.  When Jaime and I moved to California in 1993 our first major purchase was a 1988 white Mustang convertible which in 2006 was replaced with my current 2004 grey Chrysler Sebring.  This is the same car I took in to the Petaluma McLea's Tire and Auto a few weeks back for a 45 minute oil change and seven hours later was still sitting in the waiting room! (Three new tires, wheel alignment, diagnose a coolant leak, replace thermostat housing... oh and the freaking oil change I went in for in the first place!!!  I can't think of a LESS fun way to spend $1200.)  

My ordeal wasn't even over in one day as they ran out of time and rented me a car so I could come back.  Anyway, on the plus side this horror show gave me a lot of time to mess around on my computer and dig up the "TimeSongs" for this week's ALL KINDSA GIRLS.  I already had a bunch of them in my library and only had to go digging for Cherry Poppin Daddies' "2:29" (sorry for the cruddy sounding
.mp3, it was all I could find), The Guess Who's "8:15" (very cool song) and Rufus Wainwright's "11:11" (that lovable sleepyhead!)  I thought about including Gang of Four's "5.45" but it is listed in the British style with a period between the hour and minute rather than the American style colon.  Plus, I already had "5:45" by The Deal.  Along those lines I was very happy to see the colon in The Who's "5:15."  This single is from the 1979 American release of the Quadrophenia Soundtrack- it's an important distinction because on the original 1973 UK single it was listed as "5.15."

And if that's not confusing enough, according to Wikipedia the song is also sometimes written "5'15."  Don't believe me, here's the proof:

But wait, there's more!!  I also found this sheet music on-line where they decided "What the hell, let's throw a dash in there!"
COME ON- punctuation matters people!

ALL KINDSA GIRLS is on Saturday evening, so my goal was to play tonight's song by The Cure as close to its title time as possible.  Since the show was recorded earlier in the week it took some figuring. I'm happy to report I came within a minute-  "10:15 Saturday Night" aired Saturday 9/17/16 at 10:16PM Pacific Daylight time.  Not bad if I say so myself (and I just did).

I want to conclude with the lyrics of a song that is not
about a specific time but rather time itself.  I've written about Richard Hell a few times on this blog, about his influence on Punk Rock in the post for Show #54 and more recently in the ORK Records Show #145 post.  I have always loved his song "Time" which was recorded in 1980 with the third version of his band The Voidoids:

Time and time again I knew what I was doing and
Time and time again it just made things worse
It seems you see the most of what is really true when
You're stepping into your hearse

Only time can write a song that's really really real
The best a man can say is how its play on him does feel
And know he only knows as much as time to him reveals

And when I want to write a song that says it all at once
Like time sublimely silences the whys
I know that if I try I'm gonna to take a fall at once
And splatter there between my lies

Only time can write a song that's really really real
The best a man can say is how its play on him does feel
And know he only knows as much as time to him reveals

We are made of it and if we give submission
Among our chances there's a chance we can choose
And if uncertainty will give us that permission
Then it's impossible to lose

Only time can write a song that's really really real
The best a man can say is how its play on him does feel
And know he only knows as much as time to him reveals

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