Monday, January 25, 2016

Show #143 THE YEAR END DEDICATION SPECIAL Jaunuary 1, 2016

The Year End Dedication Special is dedicated to.... ALL KINDSA GIRLS!

All Kindsa Girls- The Real Kids Real Kids 
Do You Want To Build A Snowman- The Genuine Fakes Do You Want To Build A Snowman 
Cecile- The Marshalls Wicked Good Music! 
I Wanna Know Her- Warm Soda Symbolic Dream 
Valentina- Jack Green Humanesque 
Labor Of Love- The Connection Labor Of Love 
Joanne- Times Square Joanne 7" 
Daydream- The Ravines Everything's Fine 
^Sorry Suzanne- The Hollies 30th Anniversary Collection 1963-1993 
Just Let Me Know- Imperial State Electric Honk Machine 
Lorraine- Bad Manners Lorraine 
I Don't Need No Doctor- The Sonics This Is The Sonics 
Christianne- The Early Hours Evolution 
Sorry About Tomorrow- The Rezillos Zero 
Josephine Geraldine- Ben's Diapers Middle Eights For Modern Lovers 
Hung Myself Out To Dry- Pugwash Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends) 
Beth- No Use For A Name Making Friends 
*Out Of My Mind- Tommy Keene Laugh In The Dark 
*Something's Wrong- Nick Piunti Beyond The Static 
*Where Does the Time Go?- Chris Stamey Euphoria 
*Enough's Enough- Kurt Baker Play It Cool 
*How Do You Do- Reno Bo Lessons from a Shooting Star 
Emily- Sylvain Sylvain Sylvain Sylvain 
King of the Scene- Greg Pope Fanboy 
Venus- Television Marquee Moon
>Barbarella- The Glitterhouse Barbarella 
Out With The Tide- Datura4 Demon Blues 
Amerie- Big Kid All Kidding Aside 
You Close Your Eyes- The Orange Humble Band Depressing Beauty 
Longships- The Bevis Frond Example 22 
Life Saver- The Grip Weeds How I Won The War 
You'll Be Back- Jonathan Groff Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording) 

^Power Pop Peak: #56 Billboard Hot 100 2/28/69

*SacroSet:  Top 5 Albums of 2015

>Power Pop Prototype:  1968  

Happy New Year Everybody!  2015 had its ups and downs.  On the upside, I had a great time in our local production of Stephen Sondheim's Assassins and my radio show ALL KINDSA GIRLS has been proudly purveying Power Pop for eight years now.  On the downside- my teenage children are killing me.  That said, everyone is healthy and once again my 2015 was considerably brightened by the many great movies, TV shows, music and books I saw, heard and read.   Now, in a tradition that dates back to 1999, I humbly submit my 2015 Top 5's:

Room (12x12 heaven/hell)
Inside Out (= 5 years of therapy)
It Follows (and you thought chlamydia was bad!)
Me and Earl and The Dying Girl (Greg gains)
Spotlight // The Big Short (systemic failures that couldn't happen again.... right?!?)

What We Do In The Shadows (vampilarious!)
Frank (=genius+mental illness)
Blue Ruin (revenge cuts both ways)
The Tall Man (parental nightmare)
'71 / Starred Up (Jack O'Connell has arrived)

Nick Piunti- Beyond The Static (back to Detroit)
Kurt Baker- Play It Cool (my Maine man)
Chris Stamey- Euphoria / Tommy Keene- Laugh In The Dark (the masters reign)
Reno Bo- Lessons From A Shooting Star (my Nashville music)
Hamilton Original Cast Recording (an American original)

Fourth of July Creek- Smith Henderson (social work)
Redeployment- Phil Klay (horror stories)
The Good Lord Bird- James McBride (little onion blossoms)
Purity- Jonathan Franzen (in praise of Pip)
All The Light We Cannot See- Anthony Doerr (spirit of the radio)

Bloodline Season 1 (family feud)
The Bridge Season 1 (over seriously troubled water)
Scrotal Recall (great series, HORRIBLE name)
Rita Seasons 1 and 2 (hot for teacher)
The Americans Seasons 1 and 2 (the couple that spies together...)

Yes I cheated on the "Top 5" a little but it was that kind of year.  Also, not all of the above were released in 2015 but this is the year I caught up with them.  Please send your own 2015 favorites- I'm always on the look out for quality viewing/listening/reading material and maybe your selection will show up on next year's list.  If you're interested in past year's lists, I've compiled them on the Rick's Top 5 Lists Blog.  Here's to an awesome 2016!!

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