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Show #99 April 20, 2013

Ricki is celebrating Record Store Day!

Ricki- The Go Instant Reaction
I Need That Record- The Tweeds Perfect Fit
45 RPM- The Alarm 45 RPM
45- Elvis Costello When I Was Cruel
"45"- The Gaslight Anthem Handwritten
Record Store Girl- El Camino Record Store Girl
I'm In Love With The Girl On The Virgin Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk- The Freshies s/t single
Record Store Girl- Two Guys Recorded
^Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)- Raspberries Starting Over
The B-Side- The Innocents No Hit Wonders From Down-Under
Picture Sleeve- The dB's Picture Sleeve 7''
Buy Chiswick Records- Radio Stars Songs For Swinging Lovers
Buy This Record- Milk 'N' Cookies Milk 'N' Cookies
Buy My Album- Nilsson The Point
I Fought The Law (Reprise)- The Clash The Cost Of Living EP
*Record Store- The JAC Record Store
*Record Store- The Madison Square Gardeners Teeth of Champions - EP
*The Record Store- The Brunettes Mars Loves Venus
*Record Store- Gold-Bears Are You Falling In Love?
*Record Store- Trolley Head Vs. Heart *Record Store- The Librarians Neighborhood Watch Compilation
*Record Store- Ted Wulfers Here We Go
Heart Songs- Weezer Weezer (Red Album)
Thank You- Descendents Everything Sucks
We Can Get Together- The Hold Steady Heaven Is Whenever
>Stack-A-Records- Tom Tall and The Tom Kats Stack-A-Records
Spin The Black Circle- Pearl Jam Vitalogy
The Record's Over- The Russians Crashing The Party
Vinyl- Brian Ray Mondo Magneto
White Vinyl- The Silos Florizona
Vinyl- Brian Seymour Perfectly Wrong
Old Records Never Die- Ian Hunter Short Back 'N' Sides

^Power Pop Peak:  #18 Billboard Hot 100 9/14/74

*SacroSet:  Record Store Songs for Record Store Day

>Power Pop Prototype:  1958

Record Store Day was born in 2007 at a meeting of independent record store owners in Baltimore.  At the time the media was heralding Tower Records' demise as the death knell for all record stores.  Six years later Record Store Day, always the third Saturday in April, is still going strong with over 400 special vinyl-only releases for sale along with live performances in stores around the world.  More importantly, vinyl record sales continue to rise.  I've never been a fan of the compact disc and I wouldn't be surprised if twenty years down the line CD's have joined cassettes, 8-tracks, reel to reels, etc. in the dustbin of history.  I bet people will still be listening to vinyl though.

I have to credit The JAC with the inspiration for this Record Store Day Episode of ALL KINDSA GIRLS.  Shortly after he sent me his new single "Record Store" I started compiling tonight's show.  Record stores and vinyl records are clearly inspiring topics as I was able to find two hours worth of music fitting the theme.  Back in the day I was in a punk band called V.O.I.D. (vain, obnoxious, ignorant, degenerates) and was inspired to write an ode to vinyl myself.  I only wish I had a nice sounding studio version to play for you but alas it was never recorded.  Nonetheless, in the spirit of Record Store Day, I submit the lyrics with appropriate visual aids:

VINYL JUNKIE by Rick Love (copyright 1997)

It all started off in '71 
with the red Ronco album called Get It On!
I'd listen over and over in my room all alone to 
"Smokin' In The Boys Room"and "The Cover Of The Rolling Stone"

 Live And Let Die Soundtrack and Monster Mash

Grand Funk Shinin' On and Captain' Fantastic
Then it all changed in '75 with Dressed To Kill and Kiss Alive

I bought every Kiss album that I could find I'm in the Kiss Army- you're a member for life
Cheap Trick In Color and Black and White
Dream Police, Budokan and Heaven Tonight

Starz Violation and Attention Shoppers!

But nuthin' had prepared me for Rocket To Russia
I was getting bored by age 11 Ramones changed that in '77

I don't know what would've happened to me
Without my friends on 45 and 33
Digital technology don't get me high
I'll be a VINYL JUNKIE until I die

After The Ramones it started to explode I heard Never Mind The Bollocks and Give 'Em Enough Rope

Inflammable Material and Singles Going Steady

Found Boston Rock in Real Kids, DMZ and Reddy Teddy

The Dictators, The Damned, The Dead Boys, 999

Went back and found The Stooges, Dolls and MC5

I couldn't get enough all my money I would spend
Take the T to Harvard Square every weekend


I don't know what would've happened to me
Without my friends on 45 and 33
Digital technology don't get me high
I'll be a VINYL JUNKIE until I die!

Happy Record Store Day To You ALL!!!!

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