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Show #63 August 6, 2011

Here's to Glendora.... and ALL the boys!

- The Slickee Boys Gotta Tell Me Why 7"

Tonight The Sky Will Be Ours- The Vertex Tonight The Sky Will Be Ours EP
Bittersweet- Hoodoo Gurus Mars Needs Guitars!
I Don't Like It Like That- Sorrows Teenage Heartbreak
T.V. Woman- The Citizens Satisfy The Citizens 7"
Love Is A Dangerous Thing- Tommy Keene Driving Into The Sun
Wake Up- The Cold Mesmerized/Wake Up 7"
Tears Little Darlin'- Ray Paul & RPM Go Time
^I Wanna Be A Cowboy- Boys Don't Cry Boys Don't Cry
Call Me If There's Any Change- Pills Wide Awake With The Pills
All Of A Sudden- B.T.P. Folders All Of A Sudden 7"
Shakin' It- Face Dancer About Face
Imagine Me Without You- Screams Screams
Popgun- The Bats Popgun 7"
*Weoh, Weoh, Weoh- Boys Boys
*Let It Rain- The Boys Boys Only
*Shady Lady- The Boyzz Too Wild To Tame
*You Make Me Shake- The Boys You Make Me Shake 7"
*Easy To Fall In Love- The Boize Live At The Rat
Poison Flower- Urge Overkill Rock & Roll Submarine
Rock 'N Roller- Bay City Rollers The Definitive Collection
Everyday, Everyway- The Really 3rds The Really 3rds 7"
The Big Hook Up- The Modern Pioneers The Big Hookup EP
Reverberate- The Cassettes Reverberate 7"
Here Comes Another Lonely Night- The Sweat No More Running
>Laughs On Me- The Boyz Shake Some Action Vol 7 (USA)
Spinning My Mind Away- The Merrymakers No Sleep 'til Famous
Ever Any Reason- Manual Scan Manual Scan 1
No Russians In Russia- Radio Stars Songs For Swinging Lovers
Only In Dreams- The Nice Boys The Nice Boys
I Found Her- Boy's Life Two Doors Down 45

^Power Pop Peak: #12 Billboard Hot 100 4/5/86

*SacroSet: Boys/Boyzz/Boize Bands

>Power Pop Prototype: 1968

One of the countless ways the Internet has changed music is that bands now have to think about search engines when choosing a name. Case in point, a few months back I had the idea to do a show featuring all the bands I knew called "The Boys" or using some derivation this name. Easy right? Not so much. First off, while this is a VERY different than "boy bands" (shudder) I still had to wade through tons of sites about The Backstreet Boys, N' Sync, etc. (Interesting fact: the 90's boy band craze was a world wide phenomenon- every country seemed to have their version. I probably shouldn't be surprised since the US stole the idea from Puerto Rican group Menudo, who stole the idea from The Osmonds and Jackson 5.)

Anyway, after several attempts I think I ended up googling something like "bands with the word boys in their name-" the Interweb demands specificity. Here's what I found:

  • Australian band Boys are from Perth and put out two great records as well as several singles in the early 80's.


  • The Boys from London are probably the best known of this evening's "Boys bands;" formed in 1976, they are lumped in with the British punk scene but were MUCH more accomplished musicians, as their later records proved.

  • Fox Lake, Illinois' The Boyzz were a hard rocking bar band with a strong biker following- not your standard All Kindsa Girls fare but I think "Shady Lady" from their first and only LP Too Wild To Tame is a great song.

  • The Boys from Lincoln, NE built up a decent following in the midwest circa 1978, releasing a couple of great singles and compilation tracks on the legendary Kansas City label Titan! records.

  • Boston band The Boize didn't achieve the regional success of contemporaries The Real Kids, Willie "Loco" Alexander or DMZ but their place in Boston Rock history is cemented with their two tracks on Live At The Rat recorded at the legendary club The Rathskellar in Kenmore Square. 

  • "Laughs On Me" by The Boyz is probably the most obscure "boys" record in tonight's show. I'd never heard of the group and only saw the record when I sorted iTunes on group names and they came up. The song was recorded in 1968 but due to its re-release in 1975 is associated with a lot of
    Young Rick Neilsen
    mid-70's Power Pop. It's a great song, but whatmakes it even cooler is that it features early guitar work of a certified Power Pop Genius...Rick Neilsen of Cheap Trick! 

 I realize "I Wanna Be A Cowboy" is not Power Pop, but it did Peak and since the group, Boys Don't Cry, fit tonight's theme I just went with it.

These days unfortunately even the coolest band name is a liability if it comes up on page three of a web search. Now when I see a group like Baltimore's Myracle Brah, Lake Charles, LA's Research Turtles or Boston's Oranjuly I no longer think "wow! what a stupid name." I have come to realize it's savvy marketing for bands to have incredibly random yet easily searchable names.

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