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Show #48 January 8, 2011 DEDICATION SPECIAL

Happy New Year from All Kindsa Girls!

All Kindsa Girls
- The Real Kids Real Kids
Sabrina- Psycotic Pineapple Where's The Party
Cheri- 20/20 20/20
Lucinda- The Knack Get the Knack
Evangeline- Matthew Sweet Girlfriend
Alex Chilton- The Replacements Pleased To Meet Me
Hillary- The Quick Mondo Deco
Josephine- Abbreviated Ceiling Abbreviated Ceiling 12" EP
^Animal- Neon Trees Habits
Leslie- Robert Johnson Close Personal Friend
Alison- Elvis Costello My Aim Is True
Bonnie- Big Dipper Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology
Mary Anne- Marshall Crenshaw Marshall Crenshaw
Renee- Hoehn & Duren Blue Orange
*Kings Of Power Pop- Paul Collins King Of Power Pop
*Saltwater Drinks- The Merrymakers Bubblegun
*I Hope You're Happy- Hoodoo Gurus Purity Of Essence
*You Don't Have To Belong (To The Religious Right)- The Cute Lepers Smart Accessories
*Mindset- The Genuine Fakes The Striped Album
Lisa- The Golden Horde The Golden Horde
Janine- The V.I.P.'S I Need Somebody To Love/Beat Crazy EP
Carrie Anne- The Hollies 30th Anniversary Collection 1963-1993 [Disc 2]
Christine- Gruppo Sportivo Pop! Goes The Brain
Marilyn- The Popes Hi We're The Popes
Annalisa- Chris Von Sneidern Sight & Sound
>Sorry- The Plimsouls Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal
Melanie- Nervous Eaters Eat This!
Vampira- Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen Flying Dreams
Andrea- Tommy Keene Driving Into The Sun
Vivian- Nerf Herder How To Meet Girls
Ode To Joy- The Adicts Smart Alex
52 Girls- The B-52's The B-52's

^Power Pop Peak: #13 Billboard Hot 100 10/2/2010

*SacroSet: 2010 Top 5

>Power Pop Prototype: 1981 (released 2010)

For over ten year's now I've compiled annual lists of my Top 5 movies, records, books, etc. You can check out past lists at the Rick's Top 5 Lists blog. This was an especially good year for music so it was hard narrowing it to five. Consider that Rooney, The Pernice Brothers and The Hold Steady released records in 2010 and none made the list- that's how tough the competition was last year. This has got to be a good sign. So, here are all of my 2010 Top 5's:


A Prophet (globalism conquers a French prison)

Winter’s Bone (this is the Ozarks on meth)

The Town (terrifying townies)

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (rock & roll comic book)

Fish Tank (Good Times these ain’t)


Bandslam (why wasn’t The Runaways this fun)

Big Fan (as in fanatic)

Terribly Happy (Danish noir)

Repo! The Genetic Opera (horr-opera? operagore?)

Passing Strange (bohemian rhapsody)


The Genuine Fakes- “The Striped Album” (Power Pop Lives!-- in Sweden)

Hoodoo Gurus- Purity Of Essence (Rock Gods from Oz)

Paul Collins- King of Power Pop (Long live the King!)

Merrymakers- Bubblegun (100% guaranteed to live up to their name)

The Cute Lepers- Smart Accessories (Steve E. Nix rockin’ for the USA)


This Is Where I Leave You- Jonathan Tropper (shiva-larity!)

The Millennium Trilogy- Stieg Larsson (Lisbeth today’s Holden Caufield?)

Freedom- Jonathan Franzen (where we are- right here, right now)

American Rust- Philipp Meyer (industrial revulsion)

Bangkok 8- John Burdett (Det. Sonchai Jitpleecheep rules!)


Buffy The Vampire Slayer Seasons 5-7 (a Love family fave!)

The Wire Seasons 4-5 (it’s all in the game)

Generation Kill (“we fought retarded”)

Skins Vol. 1 (suffer the children)

Lost Season 6 (it all ends in a blink)

In December 2009 I was too busy to put a new show together for a Boxing Day broadcast so I came up with the idea of a "Year End Dedication Special" going back to all show starting dedication songs of the previous twelve months. It was a fun show, so I decided to make it an annual affair. I was preempted on Christmas, so this first show of 2011 is the Dedication Special. It's also a great excuse for another airing of The Real Kids' "All Kindsa Girls," one of my all-time favorites. I've heard the song a thousand times, but I still can't help air drumming into the chorus- John Felice wrote the hell out of that song. Last year also started the tradition of ending the Dedication Special with The B-52's "52 Girls," which is a no-brainer.

One other Top 5 I want to call attention to is the movie Bandslam. Since it starred Disney Channel actresses, I was AWOL the day Jaime to Nica to see it. Both told me I'd blown it and once I saw the film I had to agree. Bandslam was made by people who LOVE rock & roll. Director Todd Graff (a character actor I recognized from The Abyss; when Ed Harris says "I hate that bitch," Graff was the guy who said "Maybe you shouldn'ta married her" or something like that) was in a punk band in the 80's and for Bandlam, he re-created the legendary NYC club CBGB's on a film set. The film does a great job showing how rock & roll brings people together, especially outsiders. Admittedly its hard to picture beautiful Vanessa Hudgens as an outsider but that's my only quibble. Like my comment above, if The Runaways had been one fifth as fun as Bandslam, it would have made the list as well.

So, another year has started. Thanks for listening and for checking out the blog. I'm going to work on posting in a more timely fashion- it bugs me that the links for Show #45 were off the server by the time I posted about the show. As always, you can leave a comment with your e-mail address if you'd like to receive my bi-monthly e-mails on show days.

One more time....Happy New Year from ALL KINDSA GIRLS!

The download links for this week's show are below:
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