Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ton O' Links For You

I'm working on getting up to date with the blog posts. The links for Shows 40-44 are still active. In the meantime, here are a bunch of links to past shows as well. Not sure how long they'll be up so download while you can. Enjoy!

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#13(Originally aired 7/11/09) LOUISE
Power Pop Peak: Someday, Someway- Marshall Crenshaw
SacroSet: Illinoise
Power Pop Prototype: Open My Eyes- Nazz
Hour 1
Hour 2

#30(Originally aired 4/10/10) HILLARY
Power Pop Peak: Is She Really Going Out With Him?- Joe Jackson
SacroSet: Boston’s Ace of Hearts Records
Power Pop Prototype: The Shape Of Things To Come- Max Frost & The Troopers
Hour 1
Hour 2

#31(Originally aired 4/24/10) JOSEPHINE
Power Pop Peak: He Could Be The One- Josie Cotton
SacroSet: Power Pop Cover Songs
Power Pop Prototype: Wayside- Artful Dodger
Hour 1
Hour 2

#36(Originally aired 7/10/10) RENEE
Power Pop Peak: I Think We’re Alone Now- The Rubinoos
SacroSet: America Songs
Power Pop Prototype: All of My Friends Were There- The Kinks
Hour 1
Hour 2

#39(Originally aired 8/21/10) CARRIE ANN
Power Pop Peak: Teachers- .38 Special
SacroSet: Back To School
Power Pop Prototype: Schooldays- The Runaways
Hour 1
Hour 2

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  1. Re: Show #13 - The slow, grinding 45 version of "When Things Go Wrong". Shudder (the good kind). Been a long time. I've got the album version (same as the Mass Ave compilation) and the 5 Live EP version. Both are great but I've missed the raw 45 feel.
    Do you have the single version of The Neighborhoods' "Roxxanne"? The CD version I have from 91 isn't the same.