Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Show #34 June 5, 2010

My Bonnie lies over the ocean...

Bonnie- Big Dipper Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology
This Far Before- Material Issue International Pop Overthrow
Burnt Orange- Hoodoo Gurus Purity Of Essence
I Want You- The Moberlys Sexteen
Your Imagination- Shoes Shoe's Best
Every Night Of The Week- Seventeen A Flashing Blur Of Stripped Down Excitement
You Were So Warm- Dwight Twilley Band Sincerely
Talk About Nothing- Farrah Moustache
^Found Out About You- Gin Blossoms New Miserable Experience
Way Out World- Shrapnel Go Cruisin' 7''
La La La- The Cavedogs Joy Rides for Shut-Ins
Cool City- The Cute Lepers So Screwed Up
Why- The Strand Seconds Waiting
I Wanna Get Married- De Cylinders I Wanna Get Married Single
*Phenomenal World- The Orbits Make The Rules 45
*Tell It All- The Wigs File Under: Pop Vocal
*When I Was Younger- The Shivvers Teen Line 45
*Body Language- The Haskels Haskels The E.P. 7"
Tall Trees- Crowded House Woodface
Culture Shock- Shake Culture Shock 10" EP
Treat Me Right- Sass Radio 45
No Promise- The Flashcubes Bright Lights
Have You Seen Her- The Colors Rave It Up EP
After The Fire- Little Murders Stop Plus Singles 1978-1986
>Mama Weer All Crazee Now- Slade Sladest
Empty Faces- Push Ups Empty Faces 45
Waiting To Shine- Adam Schmitt Illiterature
Heartache- Protex I Can Only Dream 7''
Ultimato- Crackers Sir Crackers!
Looking Forward to Destroy- Mad Turks Cafe Istanbul
Someday's Gonna Come- The Reducers Cruise To Nowhere
This Is The Way- The Stilettos Shake Some Action Vol. 3
Sticky Sweet Girls- The Zeros 4-3-2-1-The Zeros
Are You Sleeping- Hoodoo Gurus Purity Of Essence

^Power Pop Prototype: #25 Billboard Hot 100 1/15/94

*SacroSet: Milwaukee Early 1980's Power Pop

>Power Pop Prototype: 1972

Let's face it- All Kindsa Girls is NOT a new music radio show. So it seems like an embarassment of riches to have not only a new Hold Steady album but also a new one from The Hoodoo Gurus (who are pictured above). Being on the other side of 50 hasn't dulled Dave Faulkner's pop sensibilities any, in fact some of the ballads on the record are as good as any he's written. There is also a scorching song about getting older called "Burnt Orange" that I played tonight:

When I was 17 my blood was gasoline
No matter where I turned, I got my fingers burned
I wouldn't go back there if I could

But then I turned 21, no fear of anyone
I always let them know if they were friend or foe
I wouldn't go back there if I could

I remember very well, way back then I went through hell
Always thought I was smart, never played it from the heart

I never listened to my Daddy's point of view
And though I wish I had, things they turned out so bad
I wouldn't go back there if I could

When I was in my teens and early 20's I used to hate the Rolling Stones and other groups that were still touring despite becoming musically irrelevant. I'm sorry but a 12" Disco Mix of "Miss You?" Or how about "Emotional Rescue," which to me makes Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music sound like London Calling. Part of the problem was people were listening to these dinosaurs when I thought they should be listening to something new, like say London Calling. Another thing I disliked was how the Stones were trying to ignore the passage of time, especially Mick at 45 jumping around like an anorexic teenage girl. I've since mellowed quite a bit and fully admit that taking Jack to see AC/DC in 2008 was the equivalent of going to any Rolling Stones tour after 1976. Furthermore, while nowhere as skinny as Mick, I have been known to jump around the stage while playing with my band The Dadz.

One of the things I find so cool about Dave Faulkner and The Hoodoo Gurus is that they acknowledge the passing of time and their songs benefit from the different viewpoint of guys who have been around a few years. Craig Finn and The Hold Steady do the same thing- they aren't afraid to act their age but still rock...hard. Hopefully these guys are exploding the myth that rock & roll is only a young man's game.

You can download Hour 1 of tonight's show here (Right click and "Save Target As"): http://sunfmtv.com/fm/showarchive/public/2010-06-05__20_59_57.mp3

And here's Hour 2: http://sunfmtv.com/fm/showarchive/public/2010-06-05__21_59_57.mp3

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