Sunday, May 17, 2009

Show #9 May 16, 2009

For all Veronicas, but especially MY Veronica...

Veronica- Honeyrider All Systems Go
The Punk- Cherry Vanilla Bad Girl
Kind Of A Girl- Tinted Windows Tinted Windows
Whatever Happened To Fun- Candy Whatever Happened To Fun
Kicks & Tips- Pictures Kicks & Tips 7"
^And We Danced- The Hooters Nervous Night
Never Come Back- Dogs Legendary Lovers
Face To Face- Code Blue Code Blue
*I Found Her- Boys Life Two Doors Down 45
*Radio- Sass Radio 45
*Prettiest Girl- The Neighborhoods 12 Classic 45s
*Magic In Her Eyes- The Trademarks Magic In Her Eyes 45
Always The Last To Know- The Yum Yums Sweet As Candy
Grounded-Twist And Shout Interpolation The A's The A's
Fast Food- The Blisters Fast Food 45

^Power Pop Peak: #21 Billboard Hot 100 8/10/85

*SacroSet: My Hometown Boston, Mass

FINALLY found a suitable Veronica song. Almost went with Wreckless Eric's, but since it's a letter to a girlfriend from a soldier going off to war, I went with Honeyrider instead. You can't beat the first line in the song: "Veronica makes me smile when I'm feeling down and out..." I couldn't agree more.

I hardly ever have brand new music to play so it was pretty exciting tonight to debut Tinted Windows "Kind Of A Girl." The band has the ultimate Power Pop Pedigree: bass player/songwriter Adam Schlesinger is in Fountains of Wayne, singer Taylor Hanson has grown up quite a bit since he and his brothers gave us "MMMBop" in 1997, James Iha was in Smashing Pumpkins, and behind the drums is the legendary Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick. Very cool song- I'm looking forward to hearing more.

Tonight's Power Pop Peak is "And We Danced" by Philly band The Hooters. Still haven't heard whether or not the boobs n' burgers restaurant chain had to pony up for rights to the name, but I like to think the band got a HUGE payout.

Since I grew up on Boston Rock & Roll, it's a little surprising it took me nine shows to feature it in a SacroSet. The first song, Boys Life's "I Found Her," has a special place in my heart. Back in my dating days, when choosing "our song" with whatever lady friend I was with at the time, it never occurred to me to pick something from the radio or at least a well known album. Witness "I Found Her," which was my dating song with Jaime (who is now my wife- our wedding song is "You're Just The One I've Been Looking For" by Johnnie Taylor, another mega hit). The lyrics of "I Found Her" really fit the "best friends for a year who attack each other one night after a sweaty Zulus show at The Rat" trajectory of our relationship though, so the song earned its position in our lives. So much so that on our wedding day Jaime presented me with the groom's cake pictured above. How cool is that! A cake shaped like a Power Pop single! No wonder we've been together almost 20 years.

One fun postscript to tonight's SacroSet... In the Spring of 1980 I had a rare burst of school spirit and joined the Duxbury High School Prom Committee. I had a girlfriend (finally!) and was going to the prom so I thought I should at least try to help get a good band. My persistance paid off and thanks to the help of sympathetic popular girl and committee chair Lauren Spendly we got Boston Power Pop band The Trademarks to play our prom at Christos Restaurant in Brockton. They absolutely rocked in matching suits and ties with incredibly catchy originals, including "Magic In Her Eyes," and some great 60's covers. I'll never forget seeing seeing Paul Hansen and Mo Donelly jumping up and down in front of the stage because I was right there with them. There were a few people who weren't dancing though and when my girlfriend Gina asked them why, they replied "we hate them they're PUNK!" To these folks any band that didn't have long hair, beards, leather vests and/or denim jackets might as well have been the Sex Pistols. Still makes me laugh to think about it. One of the bright spots in four lackluster years of high school...

Check back for the download link to tonight's show. Right now it's just 30 seconds of "Shock The Monkey," but hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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